Learn the secrets to creating scroll-stopping beverage & product photography without needing an expensive camera or a ton of equipment.


Cocktail Camera 101 teaches aspiring photographers like YOU how to create high-quality and dynamic imagery using ANY camera by mastering the fundamentals of photography.


Tell me if this sounds familiar…

Do you dream of the day when you can capture images of cocktails and other beverages that look as good as they taste, using ANY camera (yes, even your phone)?


Do you wish to develop your photography skills and confidence to pursue photography, either as a side-hustle or a potential career path?

Extra cash in this economy? Yes, please.




You’re at an amazing bar, and have just been served the most incredible cocktail.

You want to capture it and share it on social media but no matter how hard you try, all of the images look elementary.

You have this vision for the type of imagery you want to create in your mind, but you just can’t quite bring it to life.

If only you had the photographic abilities to exceed your own expectations, allowing yourself to offer this service to local bars and restaurants, or being able to participate in liquor brand partnerships via social media.



I know what you’re thinking,


“But Jordan, I only have an iPhone, and I’ll unlikely ever be able to afford an actual camera. So I won’t ever be able to capture really high-quality and dynamic cocktail imagery.”


I want you to change that mindset and realize the power of the camera attached to your phone.

Most phone users just don’t know what setting to use or HOW to use their phone to capture the most stunning images.

Even with a smartphone you CAN create amazing work.


Camera and photo equipment of any kind tends to be expensive, and it’s hard to justify the expense for something that may only be a hobby, or even a side-hustle.

Skilled photographers can create beautiful imagery regardless of what device they use, based on having a thorough understanding of various photography concepts (lighting, composition, etc.)

Most new aspiring photographers think just buying a nice camera is a short-cut to becoming a skilled photographer.


Instead, YOU can focus on using the device you already have (your handy dandy smartphone) and learn to create amazing imagery with basic tools.


Video Poster Image

This 10+ lesson self-paced course, is packed with practical instruction and detailed tutorials.

This is not an e-course that boasts about having “40 hours of content.”

Our aim is to help you level-up your photography in a clear visible way, in as little time possible.

❌ No slogging through random YouTube videos trying to find the right tutorials.

❌ No sitting through long and boring lectures.

We condense all the important information and skills down to 10 value-packed video lessons, none of which exceed 20 minutes in total length.

You also receive lifetime access to the course material, so you can always go back and review any of the lessons whenever you need.

After completing this course, you will have the basic knowledge and skills to confidently capture cocktails, products and other beverages in a way that is seen as dynamic and creative.

Whether your goal is to simply up your “Instagram game” or to better serve your beverage clients, or to promote your bar, this course will transform how you use your smartphone and/or camera.

Enroll in Cocktail Camera 101 today!

10 core video lessons + bonus material. All pre-recorded / self-paced, with lifetime access.



“The Cocktail Camera 101 course is exhaustive in all of the basics for photography; Jordan is an excellent guide and teacher, covering not only drink photography specific knowledge but also so many fundamentals about smartphone photography, entry level DSLR basics and essential lighting knowledge. The lessons are concise, easy to watch on any device and well-put in words. Definitely will be signing up for the Cocktail Pro course after this! ”

Ian B


Downloadable PDF with definitions and explanations of common photography terms and phrases.

Downloadable PDF guide that explains the exposure triangle, allowing you to manually adjust your camera to achieve the exact look you want to achieve

Video guide to different lighting options and techniques to help you take better imagery in dark environments.



You’ll be able to take beautiful and engaging imagery of beverages, products, and the same concepts apply and will help improve other photography focuses. Basically, you’ll see a big quality improvement of your imagery overall.

Blogger / Writer

You’ll be able to easily produce high-quality imagery of beverages and products to accompany your articles, blog posts and social media posts. You’ll be able to offer more value to your editors and/or brand sponsors by being able to offer photography and content creation.

Social Media Manager

Your content creation for beverage and bar related clients will greatly improve, allowing you to better serve your client’s needs and exceed their expectations.


 You’ll be able to capture dynamic imagery of your cocktails and menu offerings to share on social media, submit to publications and to use for competitions. This allows you to better promote your bar, your beverage program and your work as a whole.


This course is perfect for beginners! Take a peek at what one of my student’s had to say about the course:


“This course is everything that I was hoping it would be. I’ve never used a camera before & this course really made it easy to get started. The amount of information was not overwhelming & Jordan even goes through a simple camera setup that he purchased on eBay for beginners to get started. I’m still using that setup & I absolutely love it. This course is perfect for beginners & even if you’re a pro, it never hurts to refresh.”

Caden L.

This course is NOT for:

Professional or semi-professional photographers. If you already have some photography gear and general experience with photography, the 101 course will likely not be challenging enough.

Meet your Instructor

Jordan Hughes is a multi-disciplinary creative in the food & beverage industry. He works as a photographer, videographer, and recipe developer for respected brands, bars and restaurant groups. In 2017, he started the Instagram and blog titled High-Proof Preacher, which has since been featured in Forbes, AskMen, Liquor.com, VinePair & on The Today Show. He was also awarded both the editor’s & reader’s choice for Best Drinks Instagram by Saveur Magazine.

In 2021, he launched the Cocktail Camera e-learning platform to provide specific education about beverage and product photography and content creation. Between both the 101 and Pro-level courses, Cocktail Camera has helped over 1,000 students from all over the world, including all over the United States, Germany, France, Great Britain, South Korea, Dubai, India, Australia, and beyond.

was just like YOU. I constantly felt frustrated. I saw what other photographers were producing– I could envision the level of work that I aspired to, but it was so aggravating that I couldn’t make my images look the way I wanted them to look.

While becoming a professional photographer sounded so cool and exciting, I couldn’t even let myself dream because I felt so stuck and helpless.

I created Cocktail Camera 101 because I wanted to teach people how to create high-quality and dynamic imagery using whatever camera they have available to them. Because if you can master the fundamentals of photography, it really doesn’t matter what sort of device you are using– a skilled photographer and make-do with anything that takes pictures.


I know you are feeling that same sense of frustration, and angst about not being able to progress in your skill.

Not being able to produce the type of imagery that you envision.

You’ve seen from your peers, or from people you follow online, what your imagery could be– you just don’t know quite how to get there.

It’s not your fault that you’re unsure of how to get there. This is your opportunity to uplevel your skill set with Cocktail Camera 101!



My photography skills are next level thanks to Jordan!

Jordan has allowed me to feel confident in my photography and his course is easy to use and so informative!

Cocktail Photography 101 has transformed my cocktail photography skills.

A great cocktail deserves a great picture, and this course will help you capture that perfect shot every time.


Got questions? I’ve got some answers!