Adorama Lighting Sale 2022

Sep 16, 2022

Adorama does a pretty massive lighting sale once (okay, maybe twice) a year. It doesn't stick around for very long though, so if you're reading this post a bit too late, I'm sorry. Make sure you're subscribed to my email list so you get timely notifications about gear recs and free tutorials!

Adorama tends to be my go-to photo gear site, and I seldom let their lighting sale pass by without making at least a few upgrades. If you've been considering investing in some good lighting, or even just adding some better modifiers to your existing kit, this sale is always a good opportunity to do so.

As always, feel free to shoot me an email if you ever need any advice before you buy. I'm always happy to chat: [email protected].

Here's a few really good deals I noticed. Also, if you decide to make a purchase, please do so my clicking through one of my affiliate links below. Thank you for the support!


Save $30 on a Next Gen Glow ParaSnap 36" Octo

I just picked up one of these myself and it is SO MUCH better than the original Glow-EZ octo box that I recommend in the e-course.

It is more expensive than the previous model, but the build quality is vastly improved. Bug the biggest improvement is the way it opens. The original model was already fast, but it's even faster to set-up and tear-down now. It also as this snapping ring that allows you to easily swop out different mounting plates. For example, many of my lights use a Bowens mount, but several have a unique Godox mount. I can easily switch a Godox mounting plate into this modifier in a matter of seconds, or swap it back out for Bowens. It's fantastic and I think I'm in love. I will be picking up several more of these and I hope they recreate their other modifiers into this design.


Save $70 off a Flashpoint Round-head Speed Light

If you want to jump into off-camera flash, this is a great option to start with!

I've mainly transitioned away from speed lights in my professional work, BUT this is the one speed light that I always keep within my camera case. Small, compact and the round flash head creates a great effect and is able to be be easily used with these magnetic modifiers.

Basically, it can be a great main light for starting out, and the perfect "secret weapon" even if you mainly use big strobe units.


Save $100 off Flashpoint XPLOR 100 Pro

More powerful than a speed light but so much easier to carry around than a big strobe, I absolutely love the 100 Pro. I now use 2x of these as my "Run-and-Gun" lighting kit instead of using speed lights. Now that I'm traveling more for work and doing more location shoots, I find myself bringing these lights a lot more often than my larger strobes.

You cannot beat them on size (they might actually be smaller than speed lights) and their round head can be used with that same magnetic modifier kit I recommended above.


Save $230 on a Flashpoint XPLOR 400 Pro & $240 off the 600 Pro

I have used the 400 Pros for both in-studio work and on-location- and $230 off is a truly great deal. But full disclosure, I'm actually going to swap mine out for 600 Pro's during this sale.

Both are fantastic lights and will serve you well. The 400 Pros have been my work horses for at least 3 years now, but lately I've been finding that I've been pushing them pretty hard. For a lot of my work I close down my aperture pretty far and need to compensate by upping my flash power (something we talk a lot about in the e-course). So the 600's will give just that much more power and allow me to keep shooting quickly, especially when on location.


Save $350 on a Godox VL300 Video Light

Want to do more video work? This has been my go-to video light for shooting Reels, and most of my client work for a long time. Wish I had gotten it when it was $350 off (!!)

There are cheaper video lighting options available, which are usually lower in power. But to be honest, I wouldn't go lower than a 300 here. Shooting high-quality video at high frame rates require a lot of light, and even with a 300 light I still end up pushing my ISO fairly high to fully maximize the lighting. Good video lighting can get expensive, so take advantage of a sale like this while you can.

Thank you for helping to support me by purchasing through one of my affiliate links!

If you need some advice on what to purchase or other recommendations, shoot me an email:

[email protected]

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