An Old Fashioned cocktail with an orange twist and maraschino cherry

Member Challenge Recap: Brown Drinks

the community the technique May 09, 2022

Every month Cocktail Camera Pro members participate in monthly photo challenges and share their work in our members-only forum. These challenges are pretty casual (there isn't usually a prize or even many rules) but rather it's a fun way for members to challenge themselves creativity and enjoy learning alongside fellow members by working on a similar project.

March 2022 was our first member photo challenge which we called the #BrownChallenge. A common difficulty when photographing drinks, especially on location shoots in bars and restaurants, is capturing brown drinks on brown surfaces. It's hard to take a good photos of these types of drinks when there isn't much natural contrast between the drink's color and the surface or background (example: photographing an Old Fashioned on a wooden table).

So this month's challenges was simply taking a dynamic photo of a brown cocktail on a brown surface– that's it. No other rules, no other guidelines.

Below are several entries from Cocktail Camera Pro members, shared with their permission. Check out their work and feel free to click through to their Instagram profiles and see what else they've been shooting!

Alyson Brown – @wildfolklore

Mike Mainwold – @alleged_bartender

Nidhi – @coco_and_chili

Shannon Cox – @Shannon_blueswf

Tim & Tonic – @timandtonic_

Renzo Procaccio – @procacciof

Katy McAvoy – @katymcavoy

Aubrie LeGault – @aubrie.legault

Andrea Gralow – @gourmet.photographer

Seema Rose – @bakemyday.247

All images are copyright to their respective owners and are protected under international copyright laws. Without prior written permission it is not permitted to copy, download, or reproduce these images in any way whatsoever.


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