How to Up Your Whiskey Bottle Photography

the technique Jan 29, 2022

Personal pet peeve: dark and gloomy whiskey bottles.

I can't be the only one? This is especially an issue when photographing bottles against a dark background or in a dimly lit environment. There's something about a whiskey bottle where the liquid looks too brown, almost like maple syrup, that just looks kinda sad.

Giving your whiskey a subtle "glow" behind the bottle makes a HUGE difference when photographing bottles. Check out the examples below:

Okay, it's not like the one with the darker liquid is "bad" but the one with the glow is way more eye-catching and inviting.

There are a few steps, plus some Photoshop magic involved, but overall this is a pretty simple trick to take your whiskey bottles photos from just okay to looking like they could be in a magazine.

I created a free 15 minute tutorial on YouTube (click here) where I walk you through I created this photo and made this Peerless Bourbon look as delicious as it tastes. Check it out and let me know what you think!



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